Sunday, 14 September 2014


i thought you may all like to WALK with me,
 and enjoy my usual SUNDAY routine.
i started doing this last trip, and i look forward to it, during the week....
so, i decided to continue to walk the same route.

here i am, setting off. 
lets go for a walk, together. 

usually a VERY busy, congested road. but... on a sunday about 11.00am, it is not.
when crossing this road, i need to have a SWIVEL head, as i need to look to the left, then to the right, then to the left again, then to the right again. 
that green, dusty shape, on the right lane, is a RUBBISH BIN. 
it is permanently is about that space. 
cars, autos, walkers, just swerve around it. 

TAKE A BREATH, step out, & start to direct the traffic that comes near me. 
so, i am waving them on, or go to the left, or go to the right.
sounds scary, but once you get to understand, that EVERYTHING needs to keep moving, it somehow works.

walking past the local LIQUOR STORE. 
customers from early morning, and cars lined up in the afternoon & evening. 
i never walk on that side of the road. 

this is the building, that i spend a considerable amount of ......

ha! ha! you thought i was going to say, i spend a considerable amount of

ground floor.. is JAGDISH STORE.
sells very modern home wares and  soft furnishings. that is the shop that i bought my self strip white sheets, from ,last trip. 

1st floor... is CROSSWORD.
book shop.
it has everything. 
books, magazines, cd's, dvd's, games, travel accessories, 
they even have lovely comfortable chairs, and they encourage you to sit and read the books. 
it's ok, if you sit there for a long time, & don't part with one single rupee.
actually, look closely in the photo, & you can see the RED TUB CHAIRS.
 it is very pleasant to sit, there in WINTER, in the warmth of the sun. 

each time i go into this shop, i tell myself, ''debbie, you don't need anything today''
but... something happens, & that voice disappears very quickly in my head, when my eyes start to see the beautiful block prints. 

general photo of ANOKHI.

on these shelves are tablecloths, bed sheets, pillow cases, quilts rolled up on top shelf.
also, a bed beautifully decorated in blue & white prints.
lots of mix & match curtains & cushions on the bed.

then into the ANOKHI CAFE. 
today, i had the pasta, with sweet lemon soda.
it is sooo delicious.
it is an opportunity to read the 3 INDIAN NEWSPAPERS of the day. 
sometimes, there is a person to talk to. 
not today..

walk down the stairs, or get the lift down 1 floor to CROSSWORD.

looking at part of the CHILDREN'S SECTION. 

DRAG myself out of the book shop, then cross PRITHVIRAJ ROAD again, & walk down to the start of my local market. 


this man, is the lovely FLOWER SELLER.
not a lot happening now, as ROSES & HEAT, don't love each other.
last sunday i bought 20 red roses $6. on the monday, their heads were drooping, wednesday, they were in the rubbish bin. 
today, i just asked for greenery, and he gave it to me. 
i am sure he remembers me, as a good customer.

the marigold garlands, under the wet bag, is bought and used as an offering.

aren't they beautiful !
unfortunately... no fragrance.

i had been and got vegetables, and was walking home, WHEN... i walked past the recycling metal cart.
i casually glanced on his cart, & what did i spy...


i did a turn around, and called to him, asked KITNA ( how much), he looked stunned.
50 rupees for each basket. 
about 80 cents each.
didn't know what i will use them for, just knew I WOULD REGRET, if i had kept walking past them.

what a treasure.

you can see the shape better here, proudly seeing themselves as FINALLY BEING APPRECIATED.

the movie.
just released this week.
i went to see it YESTERDAY, & now, BACK AGAIN. 
there has to be a reason.

it is a true story, of MARY KOM. she is an indian olympic, world boxing champion.

her story, is so inspirational. 
how as a little girl, she found 1 boxing glove in the rubbish. then she had this love & desire to be a boxing champion.
she overcame a lot of obstacles, to become an INDIAN GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION. 

i just felt it had wonderful life lessons for young people, that this morning, i went downstairs to the 2 families, & asked if i could take the children.
it was decided that 2 could the other 2 had school projects that had to be completed today.
so. aleena & saiful & i went.
the government, had declared that the tickets would be tax free, to allow more people to see this movie, of a person that india is very proud of.

tickets $2 each.

these modern cinemas, have interval.
children, are children the world over.
 & what do they want ?

pop corn & pepsi.

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