Thursday, 25 September 2014


the owner,

 VIJAY SINGH is a young man ,
 with a great passion for customising motor bikes.

I did find my way, to this not well known, interesting workshop, january 2014 (last trip)
this is a small, but impressive workshop.

kalyan kunj,
17 civil lines (opp chief ministers house)

the reason, i have returned again, is
because of SAIFUL.
he is a young boy of about 10 years. 
he is one of the many, delightful children that live in this home.

he has been working & studying hard for his exams, & i told him when they are finished, if his parents permit, i will take him to see this bike workshop.

can you guess, when he had his last exam????

that's right.

saiful reminded me last night, it is time to go to the workshop.
& as it seems, lot of school free days happen around exam time,

TODAY is one of those days.

so, we set off in the auto.
i found the place easily again, walked up the long drive way, past the large impressive home, right to the back of the property and there is this little workshop. 
noise and sparks coming from inside.
saiful's eyes did light up.!

he even wore a t shirt, with a bike helmet on the front.

this is SAIFUL.
but remember i did say i wouldn't put their faces on the blog.

a brass & silver, emblem on the fuel tank.

part of workshop.

RAJPUTANA LOGO on t shirt.

not much left of the HARLEY DAVIDSON.

this is VIJAY'S choice of bike to customise.

a ROGUE bike.

waiting their turn.

hand stitched leather seat.

looks like someone was being bored, and creative.
inspired from STAR WARS. 

the side walkway, past the beautiful BOUGAINVILLEA, in full bloom.

this is one of those great places, for interested people, 
i think it would be a GREAT, place to leave the men for a few hours.


then the women can go shopping.

not far is a shop 


hari bhawan, jacob road, 
(near the restaurant SPICE COURT)

actually, vijay's parents own COTTON.

so, ladies, off you go, credit card in hand,
and enjoy the clothes, accessories, etc in COTTON. 

then, when you need a sit down, an injection of caffeine, cross the lane to 


really good.
beautiful decor. white wicker table & chairs. large mirrors, palm trees in pots, soft music, a/c,
1 hot pink carnation, in small vase on each table.
the  owner is an indian woman, a trained french pastry chef.
you can only imagine the selection.
in fact, too much to choose, so chose nothing.

(now i am back home, i have NO IDEA how that decision was made)

we did have toasted cheese sandwiches on brown bread, french fries, tomato sauce, & vanilla milk shake.

sounds the kind of food that children love.

 this is a beautiful display of rose petals, on the marble bench, in the 
ladies washroom @ SPICE COURT.

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