Saturday, 22 November 2014


hello all,
this will be a SHORT blog.


just wanted to share with you, 2 things that i saw & was not expecting.


remember the t.v. show and the line was 


yesterday, i was in the auto on the way through my local market, and all of a sudden 

i saw 


quickly, said to LUCKRAM (auto driver) to RUKO ! RUKO! ( stop ! stop!)

grabbed the camera, and  went to investigate. 
all the time my mind is thinking ' how is it possible that this KINGSWOOD is here in jaipur?

hoping the owner would come around the corner, and answer my questions. 

asked the man, who sold milk, did he know the owner, 
shake of the head, meant NO.

asked the man making the chapatti, did he know who owned the car ?
another shake of the head.

kept on taking photos,
then from around the corner, came a man, who i just knew was the driver.
how did i know?

no idea, really.
what took my eye was his glass, ruby coloured earring.
he is a RAJPUT.

he was the driver and not the owner.
he told me the car belongs to 

with that, he put his shopping in the back seat, and off he went.

humm! may have to go to 

& see if there is any other vintage cars.

the 2 nd thing.
it is voting day today,
for the LOCAL AREA.

the streets have been busy ( yes! busier than  normal)
with election parties.
banners across the street.

noisy, young men on motorbikes holding their parties flags.

all that came to an end yesterday 5.00pm.

today is election day.
i heard some extra noise early this morning, looked out over my balcony, and it seems that the different parties, are allowed to set up tables, 
to advertise their party,
give out free water,
give out snacks.

it looked like a DRIVE THROUGH to me.
what happens is this,
every one in india, should have an identity card.
you show your card to the man, sitting behind the table,
he gives you a piece of paper with your number on it.

i saw a man on a motor bike,produce his number,
then a man on a push bike,
then a man in a car, 
all without getting off their bikes, or out of their cars.

then they go to the local polling booth.
the local school.
take your piece of paper, show the person behind another table, and they check in 
your number & YOUR PHOTO I.D.

then ....
you vote. 

NOOOOO  not the way we do it in australia, marking off with a black pen on paper.



you are given, a hand held machine, and a stylus.
you simply touch the screen of your chosen party.
and for the people who are illiterate, 
each party has a symbol, maybe an OPEN HAND, or LOTUS etc
and they recognise the symbol of their choice.

when you return the hand held machine, your first finger, on right hand is marked with a perament pen.

this is so, you can't vote again.

such an UNEXPECTED sight.!

on closer inspection, not so well loved & maintained.
wonder what they do for spare parts?

the interior, is a bright blue.

looking over my balcony.
this man on his bike, is showing his I.D. card.
it must be winter,( not for me) as this man has his scarf tied around his head & ears.

looking to the RIGHT , from the balcony, 
other parties have set up their tables.
some are popular, some are not.

this is a NOT !

they are the bain of my life.
they love to sit on my railing, and leave me 

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  1. In Greece you can buy ready made strips of clear plastic with spikes attached to attach to your railings - imagine a spiky crown that you might wear on your head opened out into a strip - sure discouraged the pigeons! You could mention it to an entrepreneur!!! :)
    We were fascinated to see many many collections of vintage cars attached to palaces in India, even in very remote parts. Glad someone is actually using them! I read that palace has a Vintage car transfer service as part of your stay!
    I wonder if when they need spare parts they just take the gizmo to a workshop and the workshop makes up a new one? That would be the third world way to do it.
    LOVE the voting system! What a shame we don't adopt some new ideas. Our lot think they are sooooooooo advanced because now they check your name off on a computer list instead of on paper!!