Saturday, 31 January 2015


what does she mean?

fire works


come on! 
you know


this man is threading marigolds onto string to use as garlands.
can you see me?

this is the way the loose flowers are transported.
either in hessian or old sari's.

double daisy's.

the marigolds were waist deep.
i couldn't get an answer to 
"where are they grown"?

loose roses to be strung into garlands.
long stem roses. 
unfortunately the long stem roses have no fragrance.

part of the flower market.
i have not cropped a lot of these photos, as i wanted you to get a sense of place.

doesn't the scrap of blue cloth look lovely.

leaves, already strung, ready for garlands.

yesterdays marigolds.

flowers 'to go'

keeping the roses cool.
these little rose heads, are highly fragrant.

this man, launched his hands into this pile of marigolds and used his hands as a scoop.

he then scooped them onto the piece of hessian.

then they tied the ends, then weighed the sack. 
this consignment of marigolds is heading to delhi.

then the sacks were stacked here.

on the way to the FLEA MARKET.

i walked through a small RECYCLING AREA.
these young men, are cutting open, cans.
using a crude knife and mallet, then flattening them.

tins, tins, everywhere.

a few bottles for recycling.

old carts. 
it seems that everything has a SECOND PURPOSE IN LIFE.

a typical stall holder.

these insect rackets have been banned in india.
2 of my purchases are in this photo.

what a fright!!!
luckily there was no head under neath these beautiful black locks.
maybe this is where the FLEAS live?

aren't these big platters great.
i am sure they were not used as platters, 
in its FIRST life, 
in SECOND life anything is possible.

unfortunately the seller did not have any typewriter ribbon.

this village man, is reaching into his secret pocket for his money.

not everything is old and used. 

aren't the doors great.
weathered patina, almost chalky now.

some ones grandfather.
hasn't he got a kind face.

looking over the shoulder of an old TIBETAN MAN, who is holding his prayer beads.

watermelon cut beads.

can you believe it?
look close...
you'll see black hair.

pieces of used soap.
i assume, from a hotel.

my purchases from the FLEA MARKET.
 rusted desk organiser.
2 x chai cup holders
and stainless steel cups
1 pretty, dented cup
wooden head of a puppet.

i have been thinking for a few weeks, that i would really like a CHAI CUP HOLDER.
traditionally glass cups are used. 
but glass does not travel well.
for its SECOND LIFE, i will use it on the dining room table to put flowers in. 

8 little vases.

also bought 6 small glass candle holders. little bit chipped around the top.

just a few roses, to give you an idea.

it was a great find, 
in fact,
it took a bit to find it.

as the FLEA MARKET is only held every saturday morning, i have marked my calender to go for the next 3 saturdays.

at one stall, an indian man started talking to me,
the usual line,
"what country you from, madam"
after we got past the small talk, he told me he comes nearly every saturday.

i reminded him of the old saying 

he smiled and agreed.

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