Friday, 1 July 2016



by dr. wayne d dyer
published by 
hay house
isbn. 978-1401922948

one of the most important false excuses for not doing what
you really want to do is the fear of disappointing family or friends,
or creating conflict.

we don't want to hurt the people who are important to us, 
such as 

our parents

partners and children.

if the course,
 you want to take is on the same day as your children's swimming lessons,
you will tend to let them come first - and that's just one example .

maybe you're not happy in your relationship, 
or you'd love to move to another city but it would take you away 
from your invalid mother. 

these are not easy decisions.

do you feel like you are not following your heart for the sake of others ?

then ask yourself :
'is it true'

will they really reject you or be hurt if you tell them what will make you happy ?

when you make your hearts desire clear to other people, 
they will usually need time to get used to the idea, 
eventually they will all respect your choice and be happy
when they see you blossom.

if that's not the case and they become angry with you 
or begrudge you your pleasure, 
you can ask yourself if it is your job to live the lives of others. 

to what extent are you responsible for the happiness and approval of other people ?

they base their expectations of you on the person you have shown them.

if you have always been available to fulfill their desires, 
you can't blame them for being surprised if you decide not to do that 
(all the time)

if you start showing them another part of yourself,
their expectations of you will change accordingly.

perhaps other people are not quite as dependent on you 
as you tell yourself.

in addition, 
remind yourself that you can be more useful to others
when you are content and happy yourself.

it gets harder when something is nagging you and you feel 
life is 
passing you by.


'i would disappoint others'


' i prefer it if others adapt their expectations of me,
so they can love me for who i am
rather than for someone i am not. '

did you spot the 
set of 5 

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