Thursday, 26 June 2014


It's been awhile.
I am truly hoping that i will be easily able to access the wi fi in the building in jaipur. making it easy to do this blog spot.
i have been to my friend, lynda, for lessons.
needs lots of practise on my part.
as well as lyndas help, i need 'THE IDIOT'S GUIDE' to blogging.
have i read it yet. NOOOO.
but i will.
what i have discovered already, it that there is a vast differance from windows 8 and my windows jp.
i am wanting to upgrade, but there is a reason for the delay.

as well as lessons on blog spot, i took up my current crochet project for lynda's advice.
these are some of the 50 blocks that are a work in progress.

these blocks have a story.
the small blocks , top, centre, my grandmother made 50 many years ago.
i was given these when she passed away, and they have been sitting in my craft room since then.
as it is winter here, i was looking for something to do at night.
i decided that the original size was too small, so got out my pure wool and have added 3 on right.
decided that a few smaller blocks may take it from GRANNY to MODERN GRANNY.
this is where i am now.
still crocheting and joing blocks.

maybe at the end of this winter, this rug may be finished.
i will keep you posted.

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