Wednesday, 30 July 2014



I feel like i am taking you all backwards.
we had an overnight stop over in k.l.
ghee! it was HOT. HUMID. 
we arrived into k.l. approx 4.00 am.
then the LONG drive to our accommodation.
we all shared, a cell size room. we were so tired, no - one cared.
then up, washed & needed food.
we were on the door step of CHINATOWN.

how do you choose which eatery to have breakfast?
NOT  the one with the MOST people in it.

 vegetarian brunch.
it was very delicious!

this was on MY WISH LIST  for k.l.
hundreds of finger size fish, nibbling your skin.
actually, they are removing dead skin cells.
it was sooo weird!
felt like nips of sandpaper on my skin.
i would lower my feet in, feel the sensation & quickly pull away.
then try again. 
and again.
FINALLY... left my  feet in.

a bunch of flowers.
don't know if i'd appreciate this HAPPY LITTLE FELLOW in my flowers.
there was so many different characters in the bouquets of the flowers. 

we walked around some shops in a mall.
this dummy / model took my eye.
would anyone really get dressed like this???

out for a stroll.
outside the TATTOO shop, we spied this motor bike. 
all this extra ART work is fibreglass.
it was weird for my taste, but, whoever did this,,, very clever !!!
we were standing and admiring  this bike, when the owner came out of the tattoo shop. 
he quickly put on his helmet and sped off.
i was not quick enough for a photo of the helmet.

beautiful drinking pots for this bird. 

dried octopus.
it did smell.

we went to the 

it was getting steamy by this time, felt the first trickle of sweat down my back.
the trickle turned into a bubbling brook.

this turtle was soo pre historic looking.
he was old, narled.

here he is, with his mouth open.
what is he trying to tell me?
that the world really is round?
moby dick really did exist?
where are my parents?

isn't this unreal!

beautiful marking on this moth.

the colour combination of NATURE  is wonderful !

how delicate are these colours. 

k.l. was an interesting place. we only had overnight.
we did a lot in the few hours we had available.
BUT.. for me. 
i won't be interested in breaking the journey, just for an overnight stop.

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