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FRIDAY 13.9.2013

I really want to share some words, feelings, photos of some of the monasteries we visited in leh.
this was the BUDDHIST part of our tour.

bit of background.
matho monastery is 30 klm se of leh.
this monastery was built in the 16th century.
it one of the very few that attracts new entrants into its hallowed interior.
its main importance , however, lies in its ORACLES - 2 monks , who after months of purification by fasting and meditation , are possessed by a deity.
this event takes place  during  its annual festival.
held between FEBRUARY and MARCH.
it is tremendous. (i have been told)

this monastery has a small museum with a rare collection of THANGKAS and COSTUMES.

I wrote in my journal, that this monastery and its surrounds were beyond words.
the sky was SO blue.
the air was SO clean.
i felt i could SEE forever.

to prove i really was there.
i kept saying 'look at that'
'look at that'

if you notice the surrounding mountains have no trees.
but,  looking through this opening, onto the village ... there is a lot of lovely greenery.

inside this monastery is a lot of restoration work going on.
thanks to NELLY RIEUF.
we found her to be an interesting, committed young woman.
she was born in sydney. australia.
to french parents. she has a very strong french accent.
she is married to a local man, and has made a  life long commitment to help restore the articles in this monastery.
she has volunteers from around the world come and apply their expertise.
she has local women, enjoying the restoration process of  their culture.
she needs HELP.
nelly works part of the year, here and then the rest of the year she travels to europe and america to fund raise for this very worthwhile cause.

if i recall, there is a pdf file you could download 'the matho monastery collection'

a local woman, with needle and thread.

beautiful paint pots.

look into this photo.
the barren mountains and plains.

breathtaking scenery.

on our tour with katree, she always asks us for a few things on our WISH LIST.
well, MATHO MONASTERY  was one of the few things on my list.
i had been told about it, and read about it.


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