Friday, 25 July 2014

SRINAGAR. kashmir sept 2013

Srinagar was memorable for me in many ways.
it was wonderful to descend from the high altitude of Leh.
and to be able to breath easily and evenly.

look also at the side of the TREELESS mountain.
some of this road trip. i was sitting on the left side of the car.
at times... i did close my eyes very tightly shut.
you cannot image, how close we were to the side of the road , or how little room we had on the road, as 
the driver had to give way to many, many, very big Indian army trucks.
it is listed as one of the worst roads in the world .
believe me !!! i think it is true.

let me introduce you to MR.  WONDERFUL.
probably 3rd generation, mr wonderful.
this delightful young man, arrived on his floating florist shop. 
hoping to sell to the tourists.
of course ! we bought some of his beautiful flowers. 
it was lovely to be staying in one place for a few days, so i really enjoyed having flowers in my room. 
mr. wonderful did come and visit us daily. 

not our floating house boat.
i took this photo when we all went for a 'shikara' boat ride on Dal lake one afternoon.
there are many, many house boats. 
our boat was on NAGIN LAKE . this was off the main lake and soo much quieter and simply the best place to be. 
on that particular ride, i recall we saw the sun set, and the moon rise. 

another man to introduce you all to.
he is a master painter with paper mache.
this is a photo of a paper mache plate / wall decoration that i bought for myself.
mr. shafi baba painted it himself. 
it is simply stunning. beautiful, precise work. 

a few of us, went on an early morning walk through the OLD TOWN. 
i always love the OLD parts.
this is Muslim bread, that was being made as we stood and looked. 
the local people, must shake their heads at times.
when they see the things that foreigners think are interesting. 
the baker became interested in us, when i wanted to buy a few loaves of this bread.
we shared it, and simply pulled it apart and enjoyed it as we walked. 
that kept hunger away.

the photo that i  have on the top page of my blog, was taken on this shikara boat ride. 
we left very early, before sun rise and while it was still chilly. 
i love the photo of the 3 men. 
it seemed to me, that we were in their office.

these macaroons. 
oh ! my goodness!!!
they were perfect.
crisp on the outside, coconut and gooey on the inside.
this seller was on his boat, and this is what he was selling. 
just macaroons.
i have never tasted anything like them. 
we found a seller of chai. 
so breakfast was macaroons and hot steamy masala chai.


we went to the mosque of SHAH HAMADAN in the old part of the city. 
this was made entirely from PAPER MACHE. 
get your head around that one.!
only men allowed into the main part of the building. women had another part of the mosque that they could pray in. it was overwhelming. paper mache....
beautiful painted decorations. 

i love this photo. 
we were walking in the old part of the city, as always trying to get lost. 
we spied a beautiful carved wooden house, down a little lane way.
when we walked down and was admiring it, taking photos, i looked up, and saw this older man.
not a moment to be missed. 
i indicated if i he would allow me to take he photo, & with a nod of his head, he was captured in time. 

it is those special, impromptu moments that are so fulfilling. 

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