Friday, 1 August 2014



after moving into the apartment,i needed to go to the local market for some food.
such new varieties to me. in fruit and vegetables.
it will be a great opportunity to taste & see.

down the marg (street) is another lot of of them is,  
this shop is stocked with goods that  repates prefer.
you can buy, vegemite, english brands of jams, danish cheese, italian pasta and all the sauces, etc, etc.
brands that are familiar to me.
but of course ! it all comes at a cost.
this is the shop i went to buy my ORGANIC EGGS. 
the yolks are orange. 
not like the indian variety, the yolks are a very, pale, pale lemon.

some of my initial essentials.
frypan, stainless plates, candles, pegs, coat hangers, kitchen containers, tea towels,snacks. 
the next day i purchased from local indian market, a grass broom, cotton mop. 

i decided i needed to get out, and stop NESTING. 

this is the EXHIBITION BUILDING, in the grounds of 
it was still in the process of completion. 
the exterior is glorious.
i love the doors, and the work that has gone into this traditional work.
i walked here and it took me, about 30mn walk from home. crossing 2 major roads. 
it is not far from STATUE CIRCLE. 
statue circle is my reference point, HOME to the left, MI ROAD to the right, PINK CITY to the right, past MI ROAD.  

this is the painting, above the main entrance door. 

the door handle.

it is set in a few acres of ground. 
well maintained. with the usual huge fountain in the  grounds.
i look forward to walking to see this building when it is completed.

i did go into the PLANETARIUM .
it was an older building. dome shape.
when i went in to get my ticket, the woman said the commentary will be in HINDI.
i told her, that will be fine. 
she thought i understood HINDI, i decided i didn't need to listen & understand.
just sit back and look.
the presentation had been done very well.
the older style chairs, slightly reclined. 
they had a large telescope in the middle of the room, and then projected onto the dome ceiling, was the explanation of the planets, stars, sun etc.
i enjoyed it.

then in another building was an exhibition 'WAFT & WARP'
knew this had to be about fabric.
it was a beautiful exhibition, with sales of saris from different parts of india. 
some cotton, silk, gold thread woven into the design. others silver thread into the designs.
organic cotton sari. 
they were supporting women in rural villages. 

when i left this exhibition, they requested i fill in the VISITORS BOOK.
i can still recall the JOY, of putting my ADDRESS in jaipur, and with a INDIAN PHONE NUMBER. 

that night, was leading up to 'DIWALI' (FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS)
no where else in india, does it like jaipur.
we have been experiencing a lot of power outage.the people are told in the paper. different areas will experience different times. 
it wasn't such a bother to me. i had gas, to cook with. no hot water anyway.
had candles, if it happened at night. 
the reason is, they are retaining power for the festival.
about 4 hours per day, no power. 

the city and its people were getting ready for the festival.

(i am reading my journals to recall some things that happened.)
that night IFAN and i went onto the roof at home.
there were fireworks going off everywhere. 
360 deg vision, the night sky was light up.
i decided i would think of it as CHRISTMAS ON STEROIDS.
i  introduced ifan, into the habit of calling out colours that we saw in the fireworks. the ones that may go the highest.
we were up there for a few hours. screaming and yelling.
i decided to make it a little party for the 2 of us. so went and got drinks, chips and fruit. bought it back to the roof top. all this stuff the WHITE WOMAN was doing, was so new to him. 
he loved it, and he was up for anything. 
i had to stop, yelling, as i had no voice left.
i so appreciated having ifan, up on the roof. this is a typical example of something that needs to be shared.
i would not have done this by myself.


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