Thursday, 31 July 2014



ifan, is the one of the sons, of some of the workers in this building. they live in the basement.
he was my FIRST visitor.
when he arrived, i looked into his eyes and saw my grandson, casey.
they were the same build, but not the same age.
ifan is small for his age.

isn't he lovely.
these photos were taken a few weeks after move in day.
ifan, came up BEFORE school and AFTER school, BEFORE dinner, AFTER dinner.
i certainly was not under the illusion it was to be with the  white woman.
OH !!! NO....
he wanted to watch T.V.

in my mind, a deal had to be struck.
i got the daily newspapers.
i bought him a pair of scissors, glue stick, pens, and a scrap book.
the idea is, he will cut out pictures that attracts him, glue them in, and then he will write the HINDI word and i would write the ENGLISH WORD.

the cutting out of the pictures, took ifan a while to do.
his hand got sore and tired very quickly. 
he had never used a pair of scissors before. 

he got into a routine of coming inside, saying 'salam' and then washing his hands in the kitchen. drying on a hand towel and not his pants.
we would have  30mns of ENGLISH LESSONS and then he could watch tv. for 1 hour. 
always offer him water. sometimes food.
cut up apple he liked. dried apricots he liked.
lollies he loved. 
he got the lollies when he left, and always enough for him to share with his family.

after awhile, i sensed that he thought he LIVED with me.
when the doorbell, was installed, it was his new best toy.
DROVE ME MAD at times.

he was a JOY .
to have someone in the home with me was lovely.
couldn't communicate very well, but we got there. 

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