Sunday, 17 August 2014


i am trying to USE UP, GIVE AWAY, or  DONATE STUFF.
this post comes under the heading of 
my friend, lynda, has a knitting group at her home, & the ladies knit squares that they sew together, & then they DONATE the blankets to children in 3rd world countries.

after the completion of MODERN GRANNY BLANKET, i really needed something to occupy myself @ night. spoke to lynda & she told me she was USING UP, acrylic yarn, to crotchet 10'' squares.
to be made up into blankets for children & then they will DONATE.

YIPEE !!!!

i had a container of acrylic yarn, out came the no. 5 hook and off i started.
i have crocheted 18 so far.
use any colour combination.

making these squares, is USING the contents of my container less & less.
i will post them to lynda, & then she will have the lovely job of putting the colours together and joining them. 

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  1. Thanks for doing these Debbie!

    I will think of you and your life in India as I sew them together :) xx