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DEC 2013 -FEB 2014

the RAMBAGH POLO GROUND, is regarded as the mecca of INDIAN POLO.
the club can trace its origins to 1901.
prince charles has been the patron since 1981.
this prestigious club has its main season in JANUARY, where visitors are welcome to watch the afternoon matches.

polo is the game of kings. 
it is linked to the history of rajasthan and continues to flourish today with on-going royal patronage, army participation and corporate sponsorship.

check out the INDIAN POLO CALENDAR .

embroidered SADDLE BLANKET.

change over of thorough breed horses.
each rider, has 3 or more horses at his disposal for the game.
they arrive in air conditioned floats.
PLUS. groomsmen, etc.

JAIPUR is home of POLO. 

a happy, smiling GROOMSMAN. 

this young man is the reason, i went to polo this day.
he & his brother, are WORLD CLASS polo players.
they live & play in ARGENTINA.
it is not only australia, that has THE TALL POPPY SYNDROME.

they return to jaipur each season. 

i really enjoyed popping into the grounds of the polo field.
it was winter. quite cold in the afternoon. 

on 2 occasions i met & sat with the FOUNDER & OWNER of 

made from elephant poo.

vijendra shekhawat

how eco friendly is this.
he is a young man, who had this dream.
it was hard for him at first, his family were very much against the collecting & handling of elephant poo.

he is trying to get his products out into the world. 
people are able to go to the workshop and have a tour.
it is situated in SANGANER.
opposite the jaipur airport. 

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