Monday, 4 August 2014


this building, J.K.K. ( for short)
was designed by the indian architect CHARLES CORREA,
 in 1993. 
it is a remarkable building paying tribute to contemporary indian design.
imaginatively patterned after the famous grid system of the city, each of its 9 squares or courts, house a small MAHAL or palace, named after a planet.
each one displays selected exhibitions of textiles, handicrafts & weaponry, while in the centre there is a wonderfully conceived open air plaza where performances of TRADITIONAL RAJASTHANI music & dance are held.

going to this building, became a highlight and a firm favourite for me.
it was an 15mn auto from home. 
i eventually found out, that i could be added to their mobile phone list.
so, that meant that once or twice a week, i would get a message to tell me of new performances.
i went to as many as i could.
some of the plays, i did not understand one word.
just sit back, and enjoy.
they are all free concerts.

when i was at a loss to do something, i would simply get the auto to j.k.k.
and there was always some new exhibition to enjoy.
the SOUTH INDIAN COFFEE HOUSE  is in this building.
nice coffee & always find someone to talk to.

7 - 11 november 2013 
this is the 2nd ART SUMMIT, and set to be an annual event.

an installation in the open air plaza.
thick red rope.
metal digging implements.

this intricate, work of art is CHALK POWDER.

another piece in the open air plaza.

close up. 

this man is a TRUE ARTIST.
this work is being painted onto stretched canvas frame.
this is the way, long time ago, that the promotions for the cinema were promoted.
the canvas is huge.

he is is, holding the SMALL photo of the actress.

unbelievable work.

this is one of the MANY, ADVANTAGES i found of not being a tourist on a time line in jaipur.
i chose to stand and watch this man for approx 30mns. could have stayed all day if i chose to.

there were days, where i went to j.k.k. in the afternoon & stayed into the night.

opps.. turn your head to the right...

all this work is in cast bronze.
the treadle sewing machine, umbrella, 2 pairs shoes, water carrier, the turban.

this was one of the many exhibitions i went to see @ j.k.k.


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