Friday, 12 September 2014



i needed to think through my NEED of cooking utensils.
as i told you earlier, i have a saucepan and a fry pan.
as i am cooking nearly all my meals at home now, doing it with only 2, is time consuming. 
i tend to make 2 dishes at once, and then that food lasts me a few days. 
that plan is working well so far.

LIFESTYLE PLAZA is very close to home. i usually walk, as it is still very hot, i got  the auto. 
it is a multi level, a/c shopping plaza.
brand names, BODY SHOP, NIKE, BOSE, ETC. ETC.
went up to the 2nd level, lots of lovely homewares.
my focus today, was SAUCEPANS.
i chose this set, consisting of frypan and khadi pan. interchangeable lids. suitable for GAS or INDUCTION.
i really don't know why, anyone would have induction stove top here, with all the power cuts.

jaipur is experiencing daily cuts of a few hours. they are storing it in the grid for DIWALI. (festival of lights)

so, after saucepan chosen, needed the utensils for non stick. 
it was  better to buy all of them, on this brightly coloured stand. this is the colour of cook ware and accessories, this year. 
purple and lime green.

throw in some tea towels, as well.

got them home, cleaned & seasoned them. 

ready for the next BIG COOK UP.

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