Friday, 12 September 2014



this will be the ONE & ONLY look into my bedroom.
so, why am i sharing this with you all.
WELL, for those of you, who have been to india, the beds are memorable.

in my experience, sleeping on the cool marble floor is just as comfortable. 
last trip, i had a brand new MEDICAL mattress. 
but, it was still hard, and i was sorely sleep deprived the whole time. 
decided ACTION needed to be taken.
and in the first 2 weeks.
i found a mattress shop, who makes and sells TOPPERS. 
i needed a 72'' square. 
and guess what! they only had 1 left, IT SO HAD MY NAME ALL OVER IT.

we came to an agreed price of $90. i paid.
got it into the car, and sped home, like LIGHTNING.
i could just image the sleep i was going to have... BLISS....

carried up the 47 steps, slit open the plastic, let it unravel and breath, stripped my bed, put the new topper on.
i just stood and marvelled at this piece of pure comfort.

looks like a fluffy cloud.

the verdict...
it wasn't as soft as i hoped.
but, it did take that hardness away, and after 2 nights, i can roll on side and not be sore.
so, A WINNER...

i think this will be the BEST $90 i will spend in india. 

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  1. So pleased you are getting a good nights sleep at last , well done!