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this has turned out to be a 

exactly what is a saga?
i asked PROFESSOR GOOGLE, & here is his reply.

1.a long & complicated story with many details.
2. a long & complicated series of events.
3. a long story about past events from norway & iceland.

can you guess which one INDIA, threw at me?

YES!!!! no 1. 

on my last trip to india, i discovered , that there is a LIBRARY in jaipur.
i got the necessary opening days and times, ready.

this is how you join an INDIAN LIBRARY, where the application form, is written in HINDI.

= $40 for life membership.
i can cancel my membership @ anytime, & receive FULL refund.

= $4 per year for loan of books.

= 2 books ONLY per 15 days.

=  20 cents for the HINDI application booklet.

= need 2 PASSPORT SIZE photos.

on the application form ( which i got the family downstairs to help with)
they want many details

= education level
= interests
= any awards for your interests
= fathers name
= where he was born 
= address
= when they knew i was not a full time resident, OH MY GOODNESS! 
i nearly had to sign in blood, that i would not take any of the books back to australia with me.

i could see that this was not going to be processed today, so i asked how the library system works, how i get books out etc...

ALL the books are kept in glass fronted , LOCKED, cabinets.
at the top of each cabinet is a little sign, to inform us of RACK NUMBER.

so, if you see a book you'd like to look at, 

= take note of rack number
= go into the office, stand, stand, & request the key
= then the librarian, goes into another room, gets the key, comes out & unlocks the rack.
= then he stands there, while you look & decide if you really want it after all.
= once the BIG DECISION, has been made, you take the books back into the office, stand again in front of his desk, & he will fill in the necessary forms.

REMEMBER MANY YEARS AGO, before computers, on the back page of the library book, there was an envelope glued, & in it was a card, of the return date.


there is many categories to choose from.

= religion
= customs & folklore
= art
= music
= photography
= textile
= sanskrit literature
= dance
= poetry
= handicrafts
= sculpture
= architecture

i was told it would take 14 days to process.
marked the date on my calender,



to be told ' sorry madam, the head librarian is on holidays, & it will be processed when he returns .

come back tomorrow.

i started to work out the application date, when he went on holidays & decided 


i went 1 week later, ( just to be sure) & YES !!!!
i have a membership.

they told me i was the FIRST NON INDIAN PERSON to have a membership.

i can fully understand.
by, the time the necessary paper work would have been completed, the person, probably has left the country.

all i had to do now, was to choose 2 books
i had to take VERY CAREFUL note of return date.

the librarian said again, 'NOT TO TAKE ANY BOOKS TO AUSTRALIA'

this is the carved wooden, door, to the entrance.

a very quiet place,
not one person was using the facilities.

looking at the glass, fronted cabinets & file for members card.

glass fronted, locked cabinet & my pink basket.
( the basket is becoming a WHERE'S WALLY?'

a selection from the TEXTILE section.

rack no. 30.

my application form, in HINDI.

you can see, now, why i needed help.

the wooden cabinets, to store the members card details.

sculpture indoors.

here is my membership tags.

the FIRST books i chose.

nicholas barnard, james merell, alastair hall.
published by, thames & hudson.

it is old, so there is no isbn.

see, it is old,
purchased for 25 pounds.
in 1969.

not the most popular book, that has been taken out.

the indigo, cream & terracotta shades of the 2 KURDISH kilms are perfectly complemented by the mellow wooden beams.

weaving in this NORTH SYRIAN village, has taken on the appearance  of a cottage industry, employing the whole family.
the large loom is permanently installed under cover and skeins of chemically dyed wool are being prepared for weaving.

for centuries the QASHQAI have been prolific weavers of distinctive kilms.

on the tiled floor, the rose design on a black background is very typical of KARABAGH kilms.
the kitchen table has been set for an informal dinner with a MALATYA kilm as a cloth.

rosemary crill, jeifer wearden & verity wilson.
isbn. 978-981-245-680-9

the garments in this book, reflect the exceptional range of the VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM'S DRESS COLLECTION.

i am the 1st person to request this NEW book.

a women's blouse of figured cotton embroidered with silk & edged with cotton bobbin lace.
RUSSIA, 19th century.

sketch of the above blouse.

women's sleeveless coat of silk velvet embroidered with metal thread & applied braid & cord.

sketch of above design.

women's trousers of cotton,embroidered with silk & block printed cotton.
IRAN. 19TH century

sketch of above pants.

women's blouse of linen embroidered with silk & linen.
SPAIN. 19TH century.

sketch of above blouse.

i promise you,you will not get to see anymore books.

IT WAS THE PROCESS, that i found INTERESTING, & wanted to share with you all.

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