Wednesday, 29 October 2014



this is the reason, why the city of jaipur and ALL its residents, have endured power cuts,
in the last weeks. 

you know, on those blistering hot days, and some nights, when even the whirl of the hot air from the ceiling fan would be welcomed.

that was a time,when i had to think FORWARD,  and image all the beautiful lights, while i was sitting at home, reading by candle light.

i was invited, to a family down the marg (street) to enjoy the crackers, rockets, & fireworks.

i went down to their home about 7.30pm.
shaban, the little boy, was SOOOO EXCITED. 
he was literally jumping, with anticipation.

i had gone in the afternoon to view his crackers., he told me, his father had bought the best brand.
there is a lot of cheap, fireworks produced here, and unfortunately serious accidents happen.

there is NO rules.

on the rooftop,
on the street.
in a tree.

light a cracker, it doesn't seem to be working, so the child or adult, casually walks towards it,with another light match.

oh my goodness! that is when i got behind a tree etc.

you know something, i thought i'd really enjoy the fireworks. 
i did enjoy the fireworks in THE DISTANCE.
but , the ones up close....
i did not like at all.
they rattled me.

the unexpected BOOM that goes right through me.
the potential danger.

after 1 hour, i had to go home.

did i sleep? .... not well.
put earplugs in, i could still hear the fireworks ALL through the night, plus the howling dogs.
and then some excited soul, started at 6.00 am the next morning.

the large selection.

rockets, throw downs, sparklers, spinners.

interesting packaging


what has the female form, have to do with crackers ?

she is an attractive girl.

the exterior of a home, down the marg.

oil lamps.
pots made from clay, so recycleable.
sunflower oil and cotton wicks.

these oil lamps, were placed along the top railing of the home. 
they did look beautiful.

sparklers in action

fireworks in the distance. 

apparently, JAIPUR and CALCUTTA are the destinations to be for DIWALI...


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