Sunday, 15 March 2015


in the early mornings,
 i would walk up a few stairs to the rooftop of the home.

it was where i started my walk for the day. 
i would pace it out up there.

it is a place for the washing to be pegged out.

it is the concrete yard for the children.

it is the place for prayer.

it is the place for quiet cup of coffee.

it is a place to view part of the skyline of jaipur.

it is a place to enjoy the fireworks.

it is a place to sit with the ladies of the home, to have chai,
or peel cloves of garlic.

it is a place to sit in the sun and read.

it is a place to fly kites.

it was a safe place to go to, when  i couldn't sleep and needed to view the world.

it is also a place to see the


of buildings and homes in the immediate area. 

one such de construction was happening next door.

i got into the habit of taking the camera up, each morning, to see what progress had been made.
i stood in the same place for the photos, as to have a point of reference.

immediately in the foreground of the photos, look at a flat area with internal steps.
this is the future home of a relative of my landlord.

this de construction was done with 


there was no bulldozers,(till the very last) , no knocking balls, no explosives.

pure back breaking hard work. 
these men used sledge hammers, and then loaded the rubble by hand, into small open dishes and carried them on their head. 
then they got to the edge of the building and tipped it into the awaiting truck.

every day the rubbish was taken away.

it did create dirt that had wings,
 inside my apartment and also this home,
& all neighbouring homes as well.

it was a constant battle against the dirt.

the ROOF had been removed,
 then i thought this will be an interesting process  to record. 

this is the first floor.

 occupational health & safety would have a field day on this site.

 lots of little rooms, almost gone. 

this was the KITCHEN. 

you can see a bit more of the orange plastic tarpaulin, that is supposed to give some sort of protection to the neighbouring home. 

first floor, nearly levelled.

the truck, that daily took the rubble.

 looking into the GROUND FLOOR. 
so many small rooms, and all the different colours. 


to the left, you can see the small bowl that they would put the rubble into, then hoist up onto their head, and walk to the side of the building and tip into the back of the truck.

this was incredibly hard work, you can see the reinforced concrete that had to be broken.

pretty colours. 

nearly gone. 

end of another day. 
orange tarpaulin is on full view now.

nearly gone.

now the 
BULLDOZER moves in.

i went in front of the site, and took this photo.
looking at the back wall, and the neighbours back of their home. 

LEVEL at last. 

orange tarpaulin has gone.


life goes on,


when i left in feburary, this was still a level site.
no work had begun on the 

of a new building. 
it will be interesting to see,what has emerged when i return.

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