Sunday, 24 May 2015


my latest idea.


you must have seen, digital art ?
it is everywhere if you have trained your eyes.

i stumbled across it, at the JAIPUR LITERATURE FESTIVAL.

when i met, sunita. 
and bought a few of her pieces.

we met about 1 week later, and from our brain storming,
 my business 


was born. 

i decided to start with 5 photos, that would be used.
i had 2 nights to choose 5 photos. 
you have NO idea, how difficult that process was. 

the photos i chose, would be used to print onto a 
using YKK zips. 
cushions, 16" sq, are OVER LOCKED  inside.
tote bags, 16" sq, FRENCH SEAMS has been used.

they are constructed to JAPANESE EXPORT QUALITY.

my spin on this product, is that i will find an appropriate JAIPUR BRAID, and use it somewhere in the printing process. 

so, this meant, a quick trip (took me 3/4 of a day), into the bazaar, then to my favourite braid seller, and then try and select.

why it took so long, is because, he sells braid in a 9 metre roll.
9 metre, being the length of a sari.
to be able to find a short length of 1 metre, that is what took the time. 

oh yeah!!!
and of course the usual waiting to get served.

a maroon braid, with gold thread work. 

a beautiful, wide, gold thread work braid. 
you can see my name on the left side of this cushion. 

2 rows of purple & gold braid. 

another beautiful, wide gold & cream thread work braid. 

an embroidered braid, with mirror inserts. 

i had fun, using these products to dress, areas in the house. 

well, what do you think?

here is my delima...

i need help in getting them sold. 
ideally i would like to wholesale,
also happy to sell separately. 

if you know of anyone who has a store, that my products my fit into,
would you be kind enough to give me details,
give the store owner my details. 

why did i choose the name


because, i like to take my time,
wander where you may not go,
i have captured a 


something, that you,


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