Thursday, 30 July 2015


when  i went to melbourne, 
i wondered what theme i could do a blog around. 

decided on SHOP FRONTS.
as i was expecting to see some interesting sights.

i wasn't disappointed. 

entrance to a book shop.

the shop front of a working 

see it is a working shop.

this shop front, looks like INDIA to me. 
with the 24 ct gold jewellery.
indian women, love this yellow gold. 

the TURKISH sweet shop.


this is ENAMEL WORK. 
from Persia.
the pieces have been painted , then fired, painted a little more, fired,
then painted and fired for the 3rd time. 
this makes the pieces very hard and impossible to scratch.

here's a little side story.
on a stop over in k.l. a few years ago, i saw these plates in a market. 
i fell in love with them.
i couldn't justify the price, and also had absolutely no room in my luggage.

you know, how it is....
it never leaves the memory, and how i wished i had bought a piece. 
so, you can imagine my surprise and joy when i saw this window display.

my dilemma was to choose.
and also the price was a lot cheaper in melbourne than k.l.

now i have 2 pieces, that i love.

this is a hanging light.
made from thin ply.
i think it would be beautiful, light up at night. 

don't really know what this shop sold. 

beautiful sox's & ties. 

pretty macaroons.

a lovely little boutique gift shop.

outside a florist.

the ultimate in designer luxury for the Italian bedroom. 
you could easily take home, 
2 side tables,
and a large set of drawers,
plus a matching standing mirror.

a fabric shop.
this was WOW fabric, 
jewellery & gems printed on this panel. 

guess where??

the C.W.A. shop.

why do most of the C.W.A. shop fronts, look like this?

i found it fun, keeping my eye out for interesting 

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