Sunday, 8 November 2015

DR. A.K. SHARMA.... writes.

here is another husband,
publishing a letter to his beloved. 


i sometimes lie to you about the way your hair looks, but really,
does a single naughty strand define your charm?

i pretend to take interest in tv serials. the truth is i hate that 'rona dhona', but whatever makes you happy, makes me happy.

 when pious swara reveals the true colours of her evil sister ragni, i lie to you that i want to watch the


score of the match this is so that i can see the irritated and cute look on your face. 

i lie that i need to tie your old chunni around my head when i get a headache. i actually can't throw is away because you wore it the first time we met.

i lie to you about your driving. you are a bad driver!

i mock getting angry with you when you get late from work, inside i'm really anxious and worried about your safety.

i sometimes lie to you what i talk to our children about. we have some secrets, and they will never be revealed to you, or we will be killed!

i lie about not being tired. i get tired, but when you ask me for something in your sweet voice, it's impossible for me to say no.

i lie to you about my favourite ice cream flavour, so that when we get it, we can eat together. 

i lie that i don't notice smiles of other women, but truly i don't care. 

the biggest lie i've told you is that i don't miss you. 
i miss you all the time. 

don't all husbands lie to their wives sometime or the other?
every lie is a mischief made in the name of love. 


dr. a.k. sharma
director, dept of nephrology,
monilek hospital,

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