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colourful dussehra celebrates the victory of the HINDU god RAMA over the demon-king RAVANA and the triumph over good & evil. 

effigies of RAVANA are ritually burned.

these next 3 photos, i have photographed from the daily paper. 

the top photo reads,
people gather at the dussehra maidan to witness the burning of RAVANA'S effigies. 

yes... all people in the foreground. 

that is a 22' effigy made from waste paper like cardboard & newspaper. 

mr & mrs & RAVANA going for a motor bike ride. 

only 2 will return...

the big red sign in the background, some of you may know it as a BILLBOARD. 
here in india they call it HOARDING. 
all around the city, these hoarding boards have been covered with RAJASTHANI traditional art. 
also the art is on buses. 

you get an idea of the size of the effigy's head.

this is taken from the roof top of where i live, looking at the neighbours personal effigy. 

the children & i walked around a few of the blocks here. 
this was just one of many effigy's that were going to be burned that night. 

up in smoke 
& fireworks and crackers, that had been stuffed inside the effigy.
it was sooo loud.


the conquest of good over evil, exemplified by the GODDESS DURGA'S
victory over buffalo-headed demon MAHISHASURA.
celebrations occur around the time of DUSSEHRA, where thousands of images of the goddess are displayed then ritually immersed in rivers and water tanks. 

these next photos are also taken from the daily newspaper. 
as i didn't go to this festival.

photo 1.
after 9 days of festivity and worshipping, DURGA puja ended with GODDESS DURGA being taken for immersion.

photo 2. 
soaked in festive spirit married women came together to play sindoor khela.

photo 3.
 clad in ethnic wear women pose to capture the mood and the moment of celebration.

photo 4.
an exultant mother with her child.

photo 5. 
devotees applying sindoor (red powder) over DURGA'S idol just before immersion. 
the festival commemorates slaying of demon king by lion-riding eight armed goddess. 

top row of 3 photos,
showing people at 3 different venues around the city. 

a man cooking ashtami bhog in the backyard.

women prepare aarti thali. (offering)

clockwise from left.
women play sindoor khela.

devotees immerse an idol of durga at AMBER.

selfie time for devotees of vaishali.

a day after DELHI bid farewell to GODDESS DURGA, 
was left to deal with the resulting pollution with plastic waste, and garlands seen floating at several ghats (steps).

after a celebration,
there is always 
to clean up.

sometimes the mess is just too great, and it is left to float away. 

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