Thursday, 10 December 2015


the FIRST wedding i have been invited to this trip.

last trip i had 2 party dresses made. 
no where to wear them then. 

i was just waiting for a wedding. 

the way that these heavily embroidered dresses are bought are,
go to the FABRIC SHOP.
the fabrics are already in clear cellophane packets,
with the finished dress on a model. so you know what it will look like. 

inside is fabric for dress, lining, palazzo pants,( the fashion here now)
and a duppatta ( long scarf)

then you take it to your tailor and sews it to your measurements. 

this one is black, with silver diamonties, and wide band of lace at the bottom of the dress. 
beautiful embroidery work on bodice and sleeves. 
it is long in length, nearly to my ankles. 

close up of the band of lace and some of the embroidery work.

this pack came with HOT PINK fabric for the palazzo pants. 
i also had a black pair made. 
you can see the 2 pairs of  pants. 
the duppatta laying across,
and then the bangles. 

close up of the 7 bangles, that are worn on each arm.

my only pair of party shoes. 
these are gold / silver.
flat scandals with elastic at the back. 

my ring. 
moghul carved tourmaline, with 3 little diamonds each side, set in rose gold on the top, and silver at the back. 
(my design)

earrings that i had on loan.
garnet with faceted lemon quartz, set in 24 ct gold. 

a selfie.

close up of the earrings

close up of the bodice & dupatta.

the weather has turned cold at night here in jaipur.
keep in mind i was arriving at the wedding 8.30pm. and it was in a large garden setting. 
1,500 invited guests. 
there were many gate crashers.

before i got ready, i went downstairs to the ladies and asked if it would be cold tonight, and what was she (praveen) going to wear to keep warm.
a cardigan.

i thought... 
there is  NO way i am wearing a cardigan over this dress. 

so i got out my thermal top and long johns and wore them .

while i was getting ready, 
i was feeling like a 
christmas tree, 
with all the bling.

but, i know from past experiences,


and i was right, 
all the women at the wedding looked amazing in the 

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