Friday, 8 August 2014



TODAY is the day, i decided to take my camera on a walk.
i had been living in this neighbourhood for a few months.
i felt that the local people, were well used to seeing me around.
they saw me, when i was wandering around.
going to the local market.
going to shoppers paradise.
going to get the auto.
going to get my roses.
going to the bookshop.
and MOST importantly, they were used to me, stopping & talking to them, & the children.


i did take a lot of CLOSE UP , PORTRAITS.
i will not be including these in the blog.
as i can't get the persons permission, this is the best thing to do.


just a few doors from home 
beautiful gate. 

india is the land of CONTRASTS.
this rubbish bin, is opposite the house (above)
these bins are emptied every few days.

another example of where an old home, has been demolished & something new is rising.
i was told this will be a home & office space.

the above house.
bamboo scaffolding. tied with twine.

a worker, from an outlaying village. 
these people work hard, sleep hard (usually on site)

water pots.

plant delivery

the courtyard, of an UPMARKET DRESS SHOP.

metal front gate.

the SALON.
never, did, see any man with this style of hair cut.

little shop, near home. 
selling lollies. 

the remnants of C & C. 
(chat & chai )

the tools of TRADE.
this man repairs bike tyres & punctures.

this is where he keeps his SPARE STOCK. 

after i was introduced to
on my second day in jaipur.
i was a WEEKLY customer, for LIZZY.
LIZZY, is a mature woman from KERALA.
massages here, are woman to woman, or man to man.

the owner, DR. MAHENDRA, was able to tell me what AYURVADIC type i was in a few seconds.
he was very good.

STEEL delivery.

a walking FRUIT seller.
i noticed these walking sellers, usually only sold 1 or 2 varieties.


a lovely old gate. 

this man is going around & collecting scrap metal.
he buys it from the housewife, then he will re sell it.

this is the place where i take my WHITE sheets to get washed.
i don't get them ironed.
yes, this father & son, have set up shop on the side walk. 
7 days per week.
and my sheets ARE STILL WHITE. 

the heavy CHARCOAL IRON.
the charcoal is put inside. you can see the hook that keeps it closed.


these are snacks, ready to be deep fried. 

i would sometimes buy my vegetables from this man.
he always had good mushrooms.

his vegetables always displayed artfully.

my weird sense of humour.
this is the hospital, where i had my eyes operations.
the sign was fixed a few days after this photo.

some ones courtyard, with the electricity board.

a DECAL on the rear of a car.
indians love their cricket.
isn't it FAB. 

WORLD VISION, has been here.

shape on shape,on shape.
colour on colour, on colour.

shadows on printed cement.

this JEEP has seen better days.
it was removed the next week.

the back seat, of the above jeep.

women are so clever. 
they will find anywhere to hang the washing.

a bird feeder, outside a BIG HOUSE.

i wonder, what the room is like ?

lots of trees, and flowers in this neighbourhood.

my local market 

this shop, makes fresh fruit & vegetable juices to order.
 paw paw is the MOST popular.

some of the fresh fruit for the juices.

you can get sliced bread in india.
i bought my eggs from here, at first....
i discovered the free range, organic eggs from shopper paradise.
the yolks were golden. 
they were more expensive, but pale yellow yolks are not appetising.

milk is sold in these plastic, 500 g bags.
you can choose from full fat, low fat, no fat.
i chose NO FAT.
to see the THICK CREAM that settled on the top of my NO FAT MILK , i wonder what full fat would be like.
probably scrap off and use for butter. 

so sweet, they have to be covered & protected from the wasps.

wonderful variety of vegetables to choose from.

tomatoes are the base of indian cooking. 
always need to have them in the kitchen.
the metal dish is used to collect your purchases, then handed to the owner and he calculates.
i got into the habit of taking cotton bags, to carry ,for the vegetables instead of the plastic bags.
it took a little time for the owner to know what i was doing.

open air kitchen in the market.

you all know the saying,
well! this gives a new meaning to that saying.
this is the fan, that is fanning the flames, to do the cooking. in above photo.

this shop,just fixes things.

here is the C.E.O. chair.

a family cow.
tied in front of the house, during the day.
in back yard, at night.

a pretty house exterior.

how to describe this scene.
a new building is going up.
an old building has come down.
just look @ the connecting walls to the neighbours home.

all houses are constructed of brick, cement . so no problem with a fire
can you image a fire!

electric cement mixer.
some of the neighbours homes are OPEN and EXPOSED to the elements.

EVERYWHERE sleeping dogs. 
they don't even raise their heads, when i walk close by. 

as you can imagine, this is just a FEW of the photographs i took on this walk.
i set out about 10.00 am. 
had a lunch break, @ my VERY BEST FAVOURITE CAFE 
F- 32 

then out again.
so, much activity is constantly changing.
back home about 6.00 pm. 
because the light was fading.


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