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31.1.2014 - 1.2.2014

KOTA  is 261klm south of jaipur.
kota has a wonderful old, CITY PALACE.
which dates back to 1625. 
it stretches along the CHANBAL RIVER. 
inside the palace, KOTA'S artistic heritage is well represented in the palace apartments. 
every available surface is covered with miniature paintings, mirror work, murals and mosaics.
in the DURBAR HALL are ebony & ivory doors, and paintings depicting KOTA'S history.

many of the royal apartments now form the part of the excellent RAO MADHO SINGH MUSEUM.
which has a fine collection of weapons and royal regalia.

on KISHORSAGAR LAKE in the middle of the town, is the charming island palace known as 
built in the 18th century by a KOTA QUEEN who yearned for her childhood home in UDAIPUR.

this is the MUSLIM wedding, that i was invited to, by friends.
a mini van was hired, i packed clothes etc  for 2 nights.
i wish some one had told me, how different outfits i should have taken, for the full activities of this wedding.
not to mention some sight seeing, that i was excorted to see. 

this is the wedding, where i went to bed on the first night, and woke the next morning to people and children sleeping on the floor in the room.

on the road trip to KOTA, you pass by the town of BUNDI.
we didn't go in, but i have been to BUNDI in previous years.
not to be missed.
the gem is GARH PALACE.
this palace is bundi's and rajasthan jewel.
the paintings in the interior of this palace is memorable.
i can still recall, this particular shade of green / blue.

also a LASSI SHOP, MR SANTHI makes the BEST frozen lassi ever.
all good & healthy ingredients .

i did take many, close up portraits. none of which i will include in this blog.
included in  these beautiful people, there were 4 generations of women.
once i worked that out, i took lots of photos for them.

this lady is sewing her wedding outfit.
the lady on the LEFT is pressing the FOOT PEDAL with her hand, to control the speed.

here is the BRIDE.
this was a custom of blessing for her from her female relatives.
the bride, has already had her WEDDING HENDI applied.

the blessing.

this is an area, of the brides uncle and auntie home. 
all this white curtain, is hired , along with the tent canopy and also 
the BEDS to the right in photo.
there are single bed size mattress. spread out, where ever they fit at night, and then piled up during the day.

the women in the above circle, are preparing the dough and rolling to make pori. 
deep fried bread.

a HENDI in progress

canopy of outdoor tent

the food for the family @ the home, is catered for.
this is how these SWEETS arrive. 
in an oil tin, lined with newspaper.

here there are, ready to be enjoyed.
not by me... too sweet for me.

hands of HENDI 

this photo was taken during the afternoon celebrations.
these plates have items that represent special things.
i could not find out what was the meaning.

part of this plate. 
rose petals, to sprinkle over the bride.
hendi, to paint on the brides fingers 

the beautiful BRIDE

sweetly scented rose petals, after the party.

a little girl of 3 years, shoes.

the actual wedding.
the yellow stage, is where anything official happens. 
lots of photos.
the chairs in front, are simply set out, for people to sit and chat. 
get up, eat more food, sit and chat.

this is the walk way into the garden venue.
the yellow and white curtains in background, is where ALL the food is displayed and served.

my wedding outfit 

part of exterior of CITY PALACE IN KOTA.

an old door, large enough for the elephants to enter.

looking through the above door.

MAKER & SELLER of cricket bats.

i was taken to see  

a view of the CHANBAL RIVER, through a jali screen.

during this walk, there was the joke of the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD, well, these people believe there is 8 WONDERS OF THE WORLD.
he is an indian movie star. 
well loved. 

part of the WOMEN'S celebration.

this cake is given FROM THE BRIDES family to the GROOM.
he sat there, and it looked liked his sisters fed him.

the BRIDES hand.

i had the BEST TIME.

it was a rare privilege given to me, to be WELCOMED & ACCEPTED into this family, for their very private and special wedding.
ladies looked after me, trying to explain what was happening.
asking me 'where is the rest of your clothes'
not leaving me alone, always someone close by. whether a woman or a child.

it was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my time in jaipur.

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