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constructed in 1734, this impressive gate was once the main entrance to the PALACE.
tripolia bazaar is lined with many stores selling, metal trunks, utensils & also many stationary shops  selling the famous BAHI NOTEBOOKS. 
these are the BRIGHT RED CLOTH BOUND and HAND STITCHED  books that come in a wide variety of sizes. 
the cloth is stitched on with white thread in swirls and squiggles, and a length of string is attached to prevent the book from opening.
they are ALWAYS red due to the belief that this is an auspicious colour, linked with LAKSHMI the goddess of wealth, and are available in many shops along this bazaar.

this is the main bazaar to buy LAC BANGLES. made from resin from trees. 

this bazaar also happens to be  the ONLY place india, where FEMALE COBBLERS  will be found.

as this was the OFFICIAL DAY FOR DIWALI, i decided to take my camera, and go out in the day. then home for a rest. 
then out and retrace my steps at night.

i felt like a TOURIST  with the camera. 
other visits, i felt like a LOCAL, with no camera.

the PERMANENT stores are under cover. 
the KEY  to finding your way around these bazaars, is to take note of the shop  number. this shop is 337
there is always POP up stall holders just on the side of the road.
you can see, all the decorations and lights, for this festival.

selling coloured paint powder. 

i climbed the steps of a Hindu temple and found this man. he is the head priest. he was happy to show me around and explain the history of this building.
in the background you can see ISHWAT LAT. 

ishwari singh built this tower in 1749 to commemorate his victory over his step brother madho singh 1.

i wanted to go up the steps of this temple, as i was looking for a vantage point to take in part of TRIPOLIA BAZAAR. 

fruit seller.

bright decorations.

young seller, sitting in FULL LOTUS position.

a stencil.

fresh COCONUTS. 
during the course of the day, i returned 3 times to this seller for a drink of coconut water.
i always wanted the green coconut that had JELLY like substance inside.
the seller would hack off a small scoop shape of the outer coconut, to use to scrape this jelly substance to eat.
the BROWN COCONUTS behind, are the variety that is hard inside. no juice, and suitable to eat or grate. 

part of the FLOWER MARKET.
for ease of transportation , the flowers are delivered in hessian & tied up. 

a MARIGOLD GARLAND ready for offering.

cleaning brass.
the men use a thick paste and their bare hands.

a typical shop.
note the shop number.
this shop sells tea. 
in the centre, 2 long benches for customers to sit.
tea is stored in the metal drawers that line the walls.
the typical shop is as wide as a ROLLER DOOR.
either a narrow of wide door.

LAC BANGLE seller.
plus glitter bangles.

street scene.

selling WATER.
this man has his water in the container, with the wet cloth as a covering.
when a customer comes, he dips into the large container, with the brass pot (with spout)

then he pours the water into the hand of his customer and it is then slurped into the mouth.
another method is, the water is poured into the open mouth of the customer.
this is a very hygienic way, as no lips touch the spout.

selling all sorts of clever things.
metal stands for cooking pots.
from left..
2 orange containers, hold drinking water for the shopkeeper.
the round items, are for open air cooking.. they sit on the tripod legs. 
as i look at this photo i can see graters, woks, mortar & pestles, plastic dishes.

this is my favourite DHABA  (cafe)
i was addicted to ALOO TIKKA.
fried potato patties. placed in a small bowl, and roughly mashed. then topping added. 
tomato, onion, milky yoghurt sauce, fresh coriander. 
it was also a great spot to go inside & sit, and get out of the hussle & bussle for a time.

what a variety of shape, taste & colour.
in foreground is the seller's safety box. 

this year, i noticed that PLASTIC TOY GUNS were popular. 

street scene.
yellow / green  vehicles are the tuk tuk or auto that i talk about.
open air.
just in & out. 
selling aluminium water carrying pots. 

never did find out what these were!
i imagined they were LUCKY DIPS.

side walk seller. 
thread, elastic, pins, safety pins, zips, tailor chalk, tape measure, press studs. 

this walk, lasted 4 -5 hours.
i was exhausted by the time i had walked the 2 sides of the bazaar.
then home. 
lay down.
get ready to return to TRIPOLIA BAZAAR for the lights @ night.

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