Saturday, 25 July 2015



i needed a few days away, from the isolation, the cold weather & the fog.

so, i went to melbourne for a few days to stay with my friend annie.
annie lives in a busy inner suburb.
it was wonderful to be able to walk just a little distance and
 was on the streets. 
sounds like india, doesn't it!

we did a day trip to CASTLEMAINE,

 and went to a friend of annie's home.
she is an artist, and had the most interesting garden.

there was so much to see, little areas hidden, waiting to be discovered.

a mosaic of beautiful Turkish tiles.
this was one of many tiles, displayed around the edge of a garden. 
all were different.

wouldn't these pegs, be wonderful, as rubbings, make prints from or use for rusting?

waiting to be used.

he was spectacular !

these flowers, are made from lids of cat food. 
see... it's just the use of the imagination.

totem pole of axe heads.

this 'old faithful' machine, has seen better days.

the guard dog, that scares the mice. 

a 'still life' inside the working studio.

interesting use of metal.

we went inside this ladies, home.
that was interesting, as you'd expect.
so many collections. 
i didn't take any photos inside, as i just felt it was such a personal space of this lady.

i just needed to commit it to my memory.

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